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“Pain doesn’t have to be a normal way of life!”

Faye Crane, Certified Massage Therapist, serving Orange County, California

Welcome to Crane Massage Therapy. If you’re looking for relaxation, deep tissue, or pregnancy (prenantal) massage therapy in the Tustin area, you’re in the right place!
I am a certified massage therapist located in Tustin, serving the Orange County, California area, and specialize in many types of health-promoting touch to help you relax and unwind. I want to address your stressors and pain to keep your overall mental, physical and psychological wellness in harmony. Knowledgeable about what kinds of massage may benefit you, I am a good listener that will communicate with you throughout your session to find what works best for you.
My specialties include the following:

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If you shy away from massage therapy because you think it may hurt, don’’t! I aim to change that misconception because it should never, ever leave you in pain. Massage of any kind may have some painful after-effects, but these should go away within a couple of days or the therapist was too hard on your body.
All types of therapy offered can relieve pain, decrease stress, zap exhaustion, refresh your body and mind, and even increase your range of motion. Of course, the longer the problem has existed, the more it’s going to take to get it out, but we’ll work through it…together.
Through massage therapy, I genuinely care about helping you become healthier, happier and pain-free.