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What to Expect

If you want to relax, relieve pain, reduce stress and maximize your overall wellbeing, then you have come to the right person. Massage therapy should never, ever leave you in pain. Massage of any kind may have some painful after-effects, but these should go away within a couple of days or the therapist was too hard on your body. I will help you get the most from each therapy session in a safe and reassuring environment.
Results you can realistically expect from massage would be to release mental tension, increase joint flexibility, improve range of motion, lower blood pressure, reduce stress and become pain-free. My philosophy is that massage therapy can benefit you on all levels—physically, emotionally and psychologically—so that you can be the best you possible. Before scheduling your first massage therapy session, please read the information below so you know exactly what to expect.
Client’s Bill of Rights

  1. To expect professional behavior on the part of the therapist.
  2. To end the session at any time.
  3. To wear as much or as little as is comfortable for you with complete respect for modesty.
  4. To expect complete confidentiality.
  5. To request special attention to problem areas or to leave specific areas untreated.
  6. To ask for and receive more or less pressure.
  7. To expect the session to start and end on time.
  8. To ask for adjustment to light, sound and warmth.

What I Ask of You in Return

  • To show up on time and leave when finished. If you are a first-time client, please arrive 15 minutes early so that you have time to complete the paperwork and have a brief consultation without cutting into your scheduled session time.
  • To give adequate notice for cancellations/rescheduling.
  • To not behave in an abusive manner.
  • To tell me (and not just vanish) if you don’t like something.
  • To keep your speech and actions appropriate for a professional therapeutic environment.

Communication is Key
Massage therapy involves two-way communication. My main goal as a massage therapy practitioner is to make sure you are happy with your massage, and as a result, relaxed and pain-free. So please, tell me what you like and dislike, what you are comfortable with and not comfortable with, or if something hurts. The better the communication, the better the massage can be personalized for optimal results.

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